About Us

The first Pleasant Places Press was used happened to be in our house in Upland, California. The house was a big farm house built 100 years earlier by a Methodist Preacher to be the parsonage. In that stately house, our family was busy doing a very frightening thing: we were homeschooling. There were many things to fear, and one of them was the arrival of the police, since we were not in an “approved” educational institution. We did regular drills for earthquakes, fire and the appearance of the police. We kept ways to hide, and always fled from the living room every time anyone came to the door, lest they see us at home, albeit in serious book learning.

It was during that time, that we were covering many interesting topics that were cutting edge ideas. Telling relatives and friends was simply impossible, due to the serious study and memorization being conducted constantly at our house. It was decided to begin a quarterly journal to share with others. We had a mimeograph machine, a typewriter, and a supply of stencils. We worked hard to produce a well-written publication, using the special office equipment of the day.

Those days were in the start of the 1970’s. Much has changed over the years. Many booklets and books have been published by our little family press. My mother and teacher all through high school has passed away, and being the oldest of the seven children, I have carried on the press, for the most part as a church sponsored production during the times I have been an active pastor and church planter.

After years of disability had taken deeper hold and my health kept me confined to a bed, the press was used to produce over 150 Bible study aids for the different Bible software companies. These did not sell like the popular superficial self-help prosperity gospel books, so focus has again changed.

We are now taking our stack of over 200 incredible and almost lost books of the past and getting them updated, freshly edited and expanded for print use. The same process has enabled us to produce high quality e-book versions.

This press has survived 45 years and continues to adapt and produce incredible Bible study aids as well as books that focus on holy living as Christians. Any one of our fine books will benefit the Christian that takes time to devotionally worship the Holy God and Savior.