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Billy Sunday

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Billy Sunday likeness

Billy Sunday was born on Nov 19, 1862 and died on Nov 5, 1935

The famous American evangelist was born Nov. 19, 1862, in Iowa. He was a professional baseball player when he was saved at the Pacific Garden Mission in Chicago, while playing there. He walked away from a promising career to win souls for Christ. Billy Sunday was full of energy and surprised audiences with his constant motion and unexpected statements and movement. He made an attack on alcoholic drinks the main part of his campaigns. He died Nov. 5, 1935 in Chicago.

Billy Sunday in Action

Pages: 80. Edition: From edition about 1920, 41 illustrations

A collection of cartoons and sayings collected from the famous converted pro-ball player Billy Sunday, whose energetic zeal brought thousands to the saving knowledge of God across the globe.

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