Slowly Continuing...

We are slowly making headway again, but without help. The work is so intense and heavy, no one wants to do it! We are evaluating our Bible Software editions, because of a major lack of interest. Free books fly off our servers, but there are no sales! If this project is to continue, we have to find funding and a reason to continue.

We have gotten several requests for the Logos Bible Software versions of our shelves, but the boss of that company refuses to let us work with him. If you can persuade him, we are ready to go, but we also would like to know someone would actually buy the result in spite of what will be high payments to the software owner!

Current projects are the first Keswick shelf, and the getting some of the books into paperback editions. We are very interested in getting our books into a format that people will use, but we need to know what that format is, and no, we cannot afford to give everything away all the time! Bills have to be paid by someone!

Keep watching for new releases!

Our latest work is:

The Cross in Faith and Conduct by Gordon Watt is now in print once again! It is all remastered, updated, with indexes and subheadings added to each chapter. A real bargain!

The Message of the Cross by Gordon Watt, now in print!

The Cross in Faith and Conduct by Gordon Watt, now online!

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